The 5th annual Bethesda E3 conference was full of already announced games and some brand new titles. In order to save you some time, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the main reveals that were delivered throughout the night. If you wish to check out the full show, click the link below.

1. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks, known for their game, The Evil Within, are back with the new title. During the conference, the studio officially unveiled Ghoswire: Tokyo – a new kind of action-adventure game. Besides the trailer, we haven’t heard many details about it, but its enough to get us excited.

2. Deathloop

French developer, Arkane Lyon, is known for the critically acclaimed Dishonored game. This year, the studio took the stage with a new mind-bending game called Deathloop. From what we’ve gathered it pits two players against each other in the ultimate battle which keeps repeating on and on. No release date of the game was given.

3. Fallout 76

If you thought that Fallout 76 is dead, think again. Bethesda has announced a fresh new expansion for the game called Wastelanders. According to the studio, its the biggest update to the game to date with a lot of cool new stuff on the way. Wastelanders includes NPCs, new story, bunch of fixes and… brace for it… battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter. Additionally, the game is all yours to try for a limited time only, so be sure to check it out until June 17th.

4. The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda shared a bunch of news for The Elder Scrolls fans. First up, the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls Blades. It was released to mobile earlier this year and now it will see a re-release for Nintendo Switch as well. The Elder Scrolls Online was also given some time under the spotlight. The developers announced a new dungeon DLC adventure titled Scalebreaker. Finally, there was a short announcement of the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends called Moons of Elsweyr – it will be launched on June 27th.

5. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal was officially announced a year back and this time Bethesda gave us some proper time with the game. In addition to the new gameplay trailer and a new multiplayer mode called Battlemode, the creators of the game have finally revealed its launch date. We’ll be able to slay demons starting November 22nd. Hell yeah!

In addition to all of the aforementioned highlights, Bethesda also announced new content for RAGE 2, brought back Commander Keen, and shed some light on two new Wolfenstein games. The company also revealed its take on cloud-based gaming with Orion.