Electronic Arts have recently announced that it will stop supporting 32-bit PC’s as well as non-metal Mac’s for their legendary game, The Sims 4. This is sad news for anyone without access to 64-bit or Metal operating systems, however, not everything is lost. EA will make available a version of the Sims 4, called Legacy Edition.

The Legacy Edition will not feature any of the Online options that were previously available. Furthermore, no DLC content released after the February of 2019 will be available for this edition. No further updates or bug fixes will be made as well. Basically, it offers the full single-player experience as it is now but will not get any new content going forward.

This decision has been made because neither 32-bit OS nor OpenGL is able to support the technology that EA plans to implement in The Sims 4 in their future releases. No changes or limitations will be set on the console versions of the game.